ICT – Test Buddy

November 26, 2008 | Technology  |  Leave a Comment

ICT Year 10 – Fortismere students will email students in India to obtain feedback on publications they produce for the DiDA coursework.  The feedback is a requirement from the exam board, therefore it will be used effectively to produce high standard work.

Fortismere students have emailed students at Modern School VV (India) introducing themselves and explaining the term “test buddy” and why they require one for their DiDA projects.

Students from Modern School VV (India) have emailed back agreeing to give feedback.

Thus, ICT Year 10 are in the process of completing some publications which they will be emailing to Modern School VV.

fortismere students would like to hold a discussion with indian students about why we should study science, and what kind of jobs we can do with science?

UK students would like to know how fairtrade is having an impact in India and Uganda.  They will be investigating fairtrade, writing essays and powerpoints and would like to exchange this with students from our partner schools.

wartime story exchange

October 24, 2008 | History  |  2 Comments

History students at Fortismere would like to research and exchange stories of war time experiences for rememberance day

Year 7 Textiles: “Customising an existing item of clothing” – we would like to ‘swap’ items of clothing and customise them, or carry out a printing and dyeing project, whereby we would create a CAD(computer aided design) printed item and they could create an traditional type print on an item of clothing

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